Of course, what else
An introduction to the Science of LoveYou and I and the rest of us can fill the world with love. We can and we will.
Congratulations! Now make some more right decisions
I am a universe maker. So is Bobbi. So are we all. Bobbi is my first wife. “Tell them I’m your only wife,” Bobbi says. “She’s my only wife,” I say…
Imagination is a superpower. I’ve found I am more skilled at imagining than most people. I imagine I could be wrong. I want people to become more…
Hi! I hope you’re doing well. I hope you are loving life. I hope your body isn’t a wreck. I hope you’re not dead. Remember me? I’m your…
I’ve spent my life looking for answers to “life’s big questions.” Like the purpose of life, the universe, and everything. I’ve always been happy to…
A few days ago, we drove through Trump country, Maine, which seems to be any place outside the cities. What I saw inspired me to write the title “Trump…
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70 Years Old. WTF!