I agree with this, “Then making that mistake was the right decision. Haven’t you read ‘Mistakes are the only route to knowledge--even for God?’”

It’s the same thesis, I think, as in this:

There Is No Bad News; There Are Only Blessings In Disguise


“In other words, it’s possible to be glad, in retrospect, that you had to endure a misfortune. The Chinese proverb about a man, Sāi Wēng, who loses his prized horse and responds by saying, ‘how could we know it is not a good thing for me?’ “

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If all decisions are right ones, then doesn't that vitiate the term, "right?" What would be a wrong one? There's no entropy or life in a closed box of "right" ness! Determinism kills life! Embrace the muddle! I'll subscribe.

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