Wow! Congratulations on your 29,093 day! That's a lot of days, and a very vivid, concrete way to express life that I've never seen before. It makes you appreciate the steady growth of it all.

To paraphrase a quote from the 1994 film "Forrest Gump," life is like a movie. You never know what you're gonna get—but I hope it's a comedy.

I also hope to wake up to the realities of the universe by discovering true wisdom, and I believe bits of it are revealed in some movies. At the very least, I think movies allow us a moment to focus on these questions before we have to get up and complete the mundane chores that comprise much of our lives. Perhaps that part gets a bit repetitive and may feel like we are in a trance. A break then is all we need to wake up.

And a break from the norm really wakes you up! Imagine going about your day and getting a notice that you've influenced someone else, that you've made an impact. On day 28,728 of someone else's life, you were noticed. And isn't this all we ever want? Don't we live so that we can feel that we mattered to someone else, for a moment at least, and that we affected someone in a positive and productive way?

So thank you Mike's Life for clarifying what life is all about.

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