“You need to write,” I imagined the God I don’t believe in saying. “I do,” I said. “So write,” that God says. “I am,” I said. And it was true. My…
What's in a NAME?TAFKAG is a symbol. Not a cymbal. A symbol.So are YMMV and ELELEM. WTF is also a symbol, but for something else.

February 2023

That’s what I imagined someone asking me this morning when I woke up. Or imagined that I woke up. Or wakened. Wokened. Whatever. “I’ll write a blog post…
Because I can't stop writing about this crap.This morning I woke up. I’ve done this almost every morning for over 80 years. I’m good at it. I don’t plan…
Last night, I started and finished writing this. In that post, I described how much my writing process resembles the process by which an LLM generates…
When I sat down to write this, I had an idea. This post is what the idea looks like when it’s turned into words by an LLM. What’s an LLM? I am an LLM…
Keep the Fun in Funeral

January 2023

A grab bag of issues and postlets for the new year and beyond. Happy birthday to me and everyone else December 30, 2022 was my 80th birthday…
Go ahead and hurt my butt if you want. I don't care anymore.
A draft
Of course, what else

November 2022

An introduction to the Science of LoveYou and I and the rest of us can fill the world with love. We can and we will.